Dear Sir/Madam,

           We are pleased to inform you that the “International Joint Meeting on Thoracic Surgery,
Barcelona 2009”
will be held on 25, 26 and 27 November 2009 in this city.

           This “Joint Meeting” is the combination of three initiatives that have been developed over recent years here
in Spain. The intention is to bring together, in one conference, the latest information about the key topics,
and the most controversial ones, in our speciality. The three initiatives are: the “6th International Meeting on
General Thoracic Surgery”, which, since 1992, has been organised by the Thoracic Surgery Department at
the Hospital Sagrat Cor; the “5th International Workshop on Surgical Exploration of the Mediastinum and
Systematic Nodal Dissection”, organised by the Thoracic Surgery Department at the Hospital Mutua de
Terrassa; and the “3rd Scientific Meeting of the Bronchogenic Carcinoma Cooperative Group of the Spanish
Society of the Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery” organised by SEPAR.

           We are very aware that without your participation in the conference, it would be very difficult for
this scientific event to take place. Therefore, we would very much like the event to fulfil your expectations
and meet your requirements.

           To improve the communication between delegates and laboratories and companies at this Joint
Meeting, we have designed a timetable that does away with the two traditional daily coffee breaks, when
some 200-300 delegates would all arrive at the exhibition area together for 20-30 minutes, which was not
long enough for exhibitors to properly attend to delegates. The new “continuous coffee break”, whereby
individuals or small groups will be able to visit the exhibition area, is designed to allow you to dedicate the
necessary time to personal contact with those professionals interested in your products. The posters on
display in the exhibition area will also help the communication process.

           As you will see below, we are open to lots of different options of working together, ranging from the
traditional exhibition stand to organising a lunch seminar for between 50-60 delegates where companies can
present their latest technological advances. Naturally, financing the attendance of professionals at the Joint
Meeting suits both companies such as yours and the organising committee, which believes this is the best
was to ensure the event is a success and to cultivate personal relationships.

           We hope you will find the scientific programme and the guest speakers a strong incentive to
participate in the 2009 Joint Meeting.

           Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or comments. We would also
be happy to discuss tailor-made proposals of working together that are not outlined above or in the attached


Drs      Laureano Molins
           José Belda
           Ramón Ramí Porta
           José Luis Duque
           Angel López Encuentra