This type of presentation consists of a 10-minute video (unless other duration is specified) followed by a 5-minute discussion. These video tapes should emphasize the most important steps and technical details of the surgical procedure, and their content must have a high educational value. Whenever possible, videos of related topics are grouped in the same session. Additional discussion will take place at the end of the session.


Lectures will have a maximum duration of 10 minutes. Their contents must be precise and related to the title of the lecture. Whenever possible, lectures are grouped in sessions covering related topics. Speakers are kindly asked to avoid overlapping with other lectures of the same session. Discussion will take place at the end of the session.


Concise reviews will have a maximum duration of 15 minutes, unless otherwise specified, with no discussion. The speakers are kindly asked to summarise the most important aspects of their assigned topics, and present them in the simplest and most concise way.


Abstracts of proffered papers will be considered for poster presentation, only. Selected abstracts will be divided into three categories: a) general thoracic surgery; b) lung cancer staging and mediastinal lymph node dissection; and c) general topics on lung cancer. The presenters of the best 6 posters in each category will have the opportunity to summarise their content in two minutes, that will be followed by a 3-minute discussion. Prospective presenters are kindly asked to prepare their posters in English. There will not be physical posters in this Joint Meeting. The presenters will be asked to submit their posters in a single Power Point slide. In the venue of the Joint Meeting, computers will be available to see the posters. Poster selected for discussion will be projected in the discussion room.


The operations included in the programme will be performed live by surgeons of renowned expertise and dedication. The organisers of the Joint Meeting and the surgeons will meet in a clinical session in advance to discuss each patient in detail. Patients will be informed and will be asked to give their consent according to the Spanish law of informed consent. Patient security will be a priority and live surgery in this Joint Meeting will be conducted according to the Guidelines to Live Presentations of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery issued by the Joint Committee for the Establishment of Guidelines for Live Session of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery of the Japanese Society for Cardiovascular Surgery, the Japanese Association for Thoracic Surgery, and the Japanese Society for Vascular Surgery.


Speakers are kindly ask to prepare their presentations according to the above instructions. The organisers of the Joint Meeting recommend the speakers to strictly limit their presentations to the allotted time. This is fundamental to keep good timing in this busy meeting and allow for enough discussion. Although there will be simultaneous translation Spanish-English, the speakers are kindly asked to prepare their slide presentations in English.


Chairpersons are responsible for the timing and fluidity of the sessions. They should introduce the speakers as briefly as possible, and time their presentations according to the allotted time. They should alert the speakers when their time has been consumed. The Chairpersons are expected to enliven discussions and keep their right timing.